A week of town rivalry

Sergio Villegas, staff writer

As students all around geared up for the Downey versus Warren football game, the entire school held a spirit week from Tuesday, Oct. 11 through Friday, Oct. 14. These days were designed for students to demonstrate their school spirit and to get students to anxiously await this big event.

Tuesday, Oct. 11, 2011 was themed “pajama day.”  Many students traveled around campus wearing something that they would sleep in, including sweats, slippers, and even the occasional onesie was spotted.

Wednesday was designated “twin day.”  Students paired in groups of two or more and wore identical clothes.  Twins appeared everywhere as students wore matching pants, shoes, shirts, and hair-dos.  Athletes wore their own jerseys to include themselves in the activities.  Another way students joined in was to make their matching shirts so they would be completely identical.

“I wanted to dress up because I was a senior and wanted to join in on the fun.  The best part about it was being able to dress up have a good time,” Kathleen Gaytan, 12 said.

Thursday was the classic Warren Wimp Day. The popular trend amongst students was to wear an outfit that resembled a stereotypical wimp.  The most popular combination of clothes was to thick glasses, a button down or a Warren shirt, suspenders, long white socks, and shorts that were a little too high waisted.  Walking around dragging a teddy bear on the floor was also a vastly spread trend.  So many students had dressed up for this particular event that the main office asked for a picture of all who had dressed up to head to the rally stage for a yearbook picture.

“I wanted to dress up like a wimp to show school spirit,” Victoria Vasquez, 10 said.  “I feel like more people should have dressed up, but the best thing about it was that we were making fun of Warren!”

Friday, the final day of spirit week, was titled Viking Pride Day. Students participated by wearing something to display their immense school spirit and pride. Many people wore their team jersey yet again. Most of the student body waited to wear their Downey High attire at the football game later that day. At the game, students dyed their hair, painted their faces red, and adorned letters on their chests to display their love for the school.

“We dressed up because we wanted to show our pride.  We wanted to win and it’s good that everybody gets to show that we have spirit,” Chase Udelhofen, 11 said.

With all of these days implicated to pump students up, the whole school became electrified with an intention of seeing their school succeed at the game versus Warren.