The convergence of two ecologic entities


Members of both Eco Club and Humanities Club gather at the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve to volunteer for a beach clean up to rid the are of, on May 22. “Usually it’s really hot when we gather to do clean ups,” Mrs. Santa Cruz said. “I am glad the weather turned out pleasant.”

In attempt to protect the natural ecology of native plants, the Ecology Club and the Humanitarian Club combined to extract an invasive species on May 23.

Members of both clubs congregated at the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve to catheterize invasive plants cultivating near native and natural born organisms. Invasive plants are foreign originating from Africa that absorb nutrients from the native shrubs, ultimately killing them. Ecology Club President Jonathan Guzman describes the nature of the plant.

“The plant is essentially a cannibalistic plant,” Guzman said, “Eco Club has been doing this for years so we know the harm of the invasive plant.”

The Ecology Club has been pulling roots for almost four years. The trip is considered as the “annual field trip”. However, since the Humanitarian club has been at work providing services to the community of Downey, the Ecology Club extended the invitation to the Humanitarian Club President, Solange Astudillo.

“I’m very pleased that Jon invited the Humanitarian Club to join Eco Club in doing this earthly task,” Astudillo said, “no matter the focus for any club, we are set to make this world a better place, whether it is preserving nature or lending a helping hand.”

The Ecology Club’s goal is to preserve nature. The Humanitarian Club’s goal is to conserve life and to make sure it’s protected. The combination of the two clubs for the field trip has made it possible to spread the help in the preservation of nature. Senior Andrea Lomeli finds the Humanitarian Club support very enhancing.

“I love plants and animals and I think nature is absolutely wonderful,” Lomeli said, “For me, it’s fantastic that other groups would like to bolster our goal and see this natural world thrive.”

The trip was not just picking out the invasive plants. Later, both clubs stopped by the Bolsa Chica beach and cruised around in kayaks as a reward for their successful trip. All-in-all, the combination of nature and helping hands exemplify the humanitarian goals of both organizations.