ASB is set for the new school year: 2011-2012

ASB is set for the new school year: 2011-2012

In the library on May 18, At-Large Chaperone Commissioner Carlos Valenzuela passes down his ASB position to Paige Fitzgerald during the installation of future ASB members. The current members of the Associated Student Body gave gifts to their successors at the event.

As the school year comes to end, the Associated Student Body conducted their annual recruitment of new student leaders.

The new ASB consisted of Cabinet and class representative offices, who were the chosen elected earlier this month as well as appointed members.

Out of the 57 applications turned in 55 were accepted and only 18 contenders were picked as new ASB.

“I think it was the biggest number we’ve had in as long as I have been here,” Activities Director Gordon Weisenbuger said. “I saw the strong motivation coming from the student body.”

Positions included Dance Coordinator, Historian, Commissioner of Fundraising, and Commissioner of Teach Recognition, just to name a few.

“I was really excited to find out when I made ASB! It’s a huge accomplishment for me,” sophomore Jazze Repert said.

But of course with only 18 positions available and 55 applications turned in, 37 applicants were turned down.

“I was very anxious to make ASB but I believe those who made it are perfect for the job,” sophomore John Fernandez said.

After the positions were selected the students participated in the traditional installation of the newly chosen ASB. The instillation consists of passing down a baton and gifts that relate to the successors job. Everyone had creative things such as a baton shaped as a needle for the newly selected Commissioner of Human Relations who is in charge of the Blood Drive, and batons covered in extravagant decorations.

The newly selected ASB has huge plans and goals to prepare for another year of student activities, dances, and so many other events.