Student’s family participates in German exchange program

Student’s family participates in German exchange program

On April 11, during 3rd period, Faith Hundtoft and Erna Wieduwilt sit patiently while being asked about the differences between life in the United States and Germany. “ So far I really like it here because everyone is really friendly and polite,” Wieduwilt said.

Sarah Menendez

In an effort to participate in a culture-filled experience, junior Faith Hundtoft  and her family decided to host Erna Wieduwilt, a 16 year old exchange student from Germany. The Hundtofts agreed to host the young German after Faith involved herself in an exchange program named The Friendship Connection, which enables students in America to stay with students in Germany for a month and vice versa. The German student will be staying with the Hundtofts for a month, while Faith prepares to join Wieduwilt’s family for the same amount of time this summer.

The foreigner is currently enjoying her part of this program as she goes from class to class living the life of an American student. The German native claims that she has noticed both differences and similarities between high school in America and Germany and enjoys observing these characteristics. Wieduwilt has been actively participating in Faith’s classes as they attend every period together and appreciates this experience, even with a language barrier.

“I like it, it’s different,” Wieduwilt said, “but, sometimes it’s difficult to understand”

Though Wieduwilt seems to be benefiting from this experience the most, both her parents and the Hundtofts are proud to be a part of this program. The German exchange student fully intends on taking advantage of her limited time in America by visiting must-see attractions such as Disneyland and the beach with her hosts. However, both girls continue to attend classes until the end of April. Hundtoft has also benefited from spending time with her German counterpart as it has given her the ability to branch out, help Wieduwilt socialize, and learn from this exchange.

“Its definitely a different experience,” Faith Hundtoft said, “I’ve never been through anything like this before.”

The junior will not only participate in this exchange program with Wieduwilt in the States, but also in Germany during the summer. Just as the Hundtofts hosted Erna, the Wieduwilts will host Faith for a month in their home as she learns about the German culture. Faith’s brother, Cole, has witnessed his sister’s experience and looks forward to her trip to Germany.

“I’m very happy for her,” Cole Hundtoft said, “I know she’s wanted to do this for awhile and I’m glad to see that it’s finally coming true.”

As another week of participating in this exchange passes, Faith Hundtoft takes one step closer towards an experience of a lifetime. Both students continue to learn from each other and grow in a more cultured environment.