Botany hosts tomato and pepper sale

Wendy Mora

Botany put together a sale of pepper and tomato plants on Mar. 12, 19, and 26, from 8am to 3pm, at the north parking lot by the swimming pool. Each plant was sold for two dollars to fundraise money for equipment and future Botany classes.

“My favorite thing about the sale today is seeing how interested people are,” senior Gabriela Hernandez said. “We grew these plants, so it’s pretty cool that they’re buying them. It’s like wow, they want what we made.”

This self-sustained class relies on sponsors and sales of their products to maintain a productive environment for themselves and future Botany students. Botany is a hands-on chemistry class guided by Mr. Pittenger.

“We are fundraising money for new equipment and especially for seeds because we want to start planting trees,” senior Vanessa Gonzales said. “We get new plants every year, so we need to save money for that too.”

The first Saturday, the class sold about $1,800 worth of tomatoes and peppers. They hope to double their profit every week and earn as much money as possible for this class to continue to progress.

“It takes us about two months to grow vegetables and they taste really good once we finally get the chance to eat them,” senior Arthur Gonzales-Diggs said.

The class consists of 29 students and the majority of them are juniors and seniors. They hope to fundraise about $3,000 or more to buy the requirements for the class or future Botany members.