Studying Abroad: A Change of Scenery


Junior Itsaree Rachatasumrit, strikes a Ballet pose on March 3 in room O2. “ I enjoy dancing, and I am going to be in Downey’s best dance crew” said Rachatasumrit.

Julia Ruiz, Sports Editor

 From Thailand to Los Angeles, junior Itsaree Rachatasumrit traveled across the world to get a new experience from a foreign country. Wanting to gain a new insight on American culture and a chance to improve her English, Rachatasumrit joined ACE, a foreign exchange student program, in order to do just that.

“I wanted to get a new experience and practice my English, and I am able to by studying here,” Rachatasumrit said.

Although life in a new country can be intimidating, Rachatasumrit shares a connection with the U.S. through dance. Starting dance at the tender age of six, Rachatasumrit finds great joy and satisfaction in it. By being enrolled in the ROP Professional Dance class, she is able to meet fellow students and learn more about the American culture through music and movement.

“I’ve noticed that people here are more open minded and it’s seen in their dance,” Rachatasumrit said. “Dance is more sexual here than in Thailand.”

She has also made an impact on her new acquaintances through her dancing techniques.

 “Her dancing is speechless,” fellow dancer Stephanie Montes said. “Her dance is similar to ours and she fits in well.”

Rachatasumrit’s positive attitude and cheerful personality have made her new friends during her trip to Los Angeles.

“Itsaree’s a very nice person to talk and hang out with,” junior Pink Tantiwuttipong said. “We come from the same background and have much in common.”

For the next three months, Rachatasumrit has this opportunity of a lifetime to not only learn English, but also gain life changing experiences in a country that shares many ethnicities and cultures. After residing in Los Angeles for five months now, Rachatasumrit hopes to return in the future and become an ambassador in the U.S.