New Pokémon Games promote Athleticism

Mercy Watkins

For a long time video games have been affiliated with laziness, but when the new Pokémon games Heart Gold and Soul Silver were released at the start of spring they proved many people, as well as many TV shows, wrong.

Pokémon games are one of the most popular series of games sold. There are over 25 Pokémon games including a pinball version for Game Boy Advanced. Pokémon is also included in the popular video game Super Smash Brawl that includes characters from different games to battle each other. These two new games have proven to be quite different from the rest of these games created by Nintendo.

Heart Gold and Soul Silver come with a pedometer called a Pokéwalker that contains rare items such as backgrounds, potions and characters that you can’t find in the game itself. The only way to obtain these potions, backgrounds and rare characters is to exercise.

Students like Elmer Milan and Adriana Ocana use the device constantly to further themselves into the game to get new characters, new backgrounds and power-ups that are not found in the game.

“My favorite parts of using the Pokéwalker are the rare items I earn while exercising.” Milan said.

This device counts your steps and depending on how many steps you take a character emerges. If you succeed in capturing the character you can transfer it into your game card. Not only does this promote healthy exercise, it helps players move closer into finishing the game.

“ I believe that the new games created a new perspective for video games. This shows they can be beneficial to your health and still be exciting.” Ocana said.

Even students included that participate in athletic competitions like Olivia Rodriguez have bought these new games. Olivia Rodriguez is in Marching Band and uses the device to help her condition.

“When I condition I use the Pokéwalker, so when I go home I have new Pokémon to add to my game,” Rodriguez said.

Obesity rates in teenagers are 17%. The Wii console was one step for lowering the percentage and the new Pokéwalker is another step. Humanity is now two steps close to defeating these percentages.