Acceptance into a new world

Amanda Garcia

As the school year comes to a end, the class of 2010’s top graduating seniors are faced with a decision on which prestigious university they will be attending.

Although still undecided which universities to attend Senior Christine Tran is one of the few that has the option of choosing between these top-notch schools such as: UCLA, UC Berkeley, University of the Pacific, USC, and UC San Diego.

“No matter what choice I make I know its going to be the right one,” Tran said.

Along with Tran, Senior Joanne Kang has also been accepted into UCLA and Berkley.  Kang has made her decision and will be attending UCLA this upcoming school year where she will be dorming and has chosen to major in Political Science.

“I am nervous, yet excited but I am very proud of my decision,” Kang said.

All of these students have a bright future ahead, including Gabriela Coya who has even been accepted into a Ivy League school. Senior Gabriela Coya has been accepted into university such as: UCLA, Boston University, Berkley, and the Ivy league University of Penn.

“I am so excited,” Coya said.  “all my long nights of studying [and] hard work has finally paid off and I am looking to forward to college,”

Now that these seniors have chosen which university to attend, they are now ready to embark on a new journey to the foreign world of  college life.