Viking Royalty

Thomas Beltran

Miss Teen Downey, a pageant recognizing stand out teens will be held this March allowing all girls with age ranges from 13 to 15 to compete. The Miss Teen Downey is a paramount symbol of acknowledgement in Downey’s adolescent status and current contestants are gearing up since the entry meeting January 10th. Young women from around the city compete in hopes of winning the all elite Miss Teen Downey crown.
As crowns go, there are three girls in the Viking family that currently have recognition. Two-crown winners of the pageant are Miss Teen Downey princesses Lauren Brasov and Mariah Picou. The Miss Teen Downey crown’s reigning title is held by Sandy Fernandez.
“I’m sad about giving away my crown, but I’m also excited to see the new winners,” Lauren Brasov said.
The pageant usually forms around choreography and interviews that take weeks of preparation. Starting the pageant a contestant usually performs the given choreography and then announces their names, vibrant smile included.
“The pageant lasts 3 months,” junior Sandy Fernandez said. “To prepare yourself for the pageant, bond with the rest of the girls competing and once you are announced a winner, it’s a year long title you are given.”
Being part of Downey’s Teen Princess Ensemble, the girls become involved in the city’s activities. From the ribbon cutting to being in the city’s parade, princess duties were a yearlong commitment.
When asked why she joined the pageant, junior Mariah Picou stated, “I wanted to give back to my community and I wanted to become an inspiration to young girls.”
As a part of Downey royalty, the three pageant and volunteering community members are excited for the next group of teen princesses and queen but still look forward to being involved with their own.