Our leading ladies

Yvette Trujillo

Business Education for Leading Ladies of America, also known as BELLA, is a fairly new club on campus that started last year which helps young girls succeed and become leaders.

“I’ve met a lot of really cool people through the club and program, it’s given me a new perspective on jobs and life outside of high school. The hardest part is overcoming fear of failing or trying new things,” co-chair Yaheli Aguilera said.

Every Wednesday after school, bright girls meet in room R-2 with adviser Jeannette Hernandez to learn how to succeed in the business world. For about an hour they have guest speakers, activities, or updates. Guest speakers talk about different topics like: credit, etiquette, loans or their specific jobs. One guest speaker inspired Aguilera.

“He came from nothing and did everything by himself,” Aguilera said.

In BELLA club members meet a lot of experienced business people, receive advice from them, and learn how to network.

Club member Vannessa Gonzalez said, “I’ve learned how to be a leader and show people that I can succeed.”

BELLA has four goals they want to accomplish: giving scholarships to deserving young girls, create hands on experience through internships and shadowing opportunities, guidance from mentors, and exposure in the media. The club has about 25 members and they had to go through interviews in order to be accepted.

“After the interviews I felt this world was going to be okay because I feel strongly that they’re all leaders, they’re going to rise to the occasion, and make changes for our world,” Hernandez said.

These dedicated girls will one day be guest speakers for other young ladies all over the world.