The Viking’s out of the bag

Brianna Garcia

Senior, Brandon Pineda may seem like an ordinary student at Downey High, but he has a secret, he’s one of the mascots that keeps our school spirit high. He enjoys pumping up the crowds and cheering at sporting events. It might seem like an easy thing to do, but it is a challenge.

“Its hard because I’m constantly moving,” says Pineda.

Although dancing next to our school cheerleaders looks easy, when you have pounds of costume added to your weight, it is definitely a workout.

“The costume is really hot and sweaty,” says Pineda.

Megan Bedly, another mascot and sophomore said, “I love dancing around and getting the people in the crowd pumped up.”

Mascots may seem like just a person inside a costume, but they’re more than that.

“I have to turn into another person,” says Pineda. ”I can’t be afraid of looking dumb.”

Students enjoy seeing the mascots cheer our teams on and get the crowd pumped.

“I love how the mascots are so energetic,” says freshman, Kaithlen Chiquete.