Got Booed?


The Halloween spirit is filling the air at Downey High as teachers join the spooky spirit by starting their first annual “You’ve been booed” event, during the last week of October. The booed teaches received a gift, and in return had to send two gifts to others of their choice, so the chain continued from there.

Kaylee Camacho, Public Relations Manager

The “booing” tradition typically takes place in neighborhoods and with friends, but Downey High School passed on the tradition as well especially in the English department.

But what exactly is being “booed”? Cara Cleek, English teacher, gave some insight on this Halloween tradition, since it is also practiced in her neighborhood. It starts when someone secretly leaves a goodie bag or bucket filled with Halloween gifts, such as candy and soaps. It is then up to the person who received these Halloween treats to secretly pass it on to two other people.

“It’s kind of nice to get a surprise and a lot of us [teachers] like Halloween, especially the English Department,” Cleek said.

Teachers began getting booed as early as Oct. 1. One of the first teachers was English teacher, Brandy Ordway; she was shocked that somebody brought it in for her and had fun looking through all of the treats in her gift basket.

“There are no expectations, no gifts and no extended pressure.” Ordway said.

None of the teachers really know who booed him or her. Tanya Olivarez, 12, a teacher’s assistant, was assigned the task of booing a teacher of her choice.

“I ding dong booed.” Olivarez said, “I left it in front of her door then I knocked and ran behind the water fountain”

The purpose of booing is to spread the Halloween spirit. Over ten teachers on campus were booed, spreading not only cheer but smiles as well. That’s what booing is about – having fun and putting a smile on someone else’s face.