Acceptance into the new World

Acceptance into the new World

With Spring comes college acceptance letters, so many seniors await eagerly for the moment they open their mail box and find the results of their applications. USC was one of many colleges students applied to; a lucky few, like Sharon Kim, 12, were accepted into the much sought after school.

With the coming of Spring, the anticipated college acceptance letters for seniors that applied to college in the fall have arrived.

These acceptance letters determine the future of incoming college students. With endless choices of both schools and majors, seniors have unlimited possibilities to do what they want in life.

Art Club president Michelle Cervantes was accepted into The Fashion Institute for Design and Merchandising for Interior Design. Her first choice school was Sacramento Art Academy to major in comic book designing. Though F.I.D.M. wasn’t her primary choice she decided to attend due to the low tuition cost and the fact that it’s closer to home.

“Neither interior design nor F.I.D.M. were my first choice,” Cervantes said. “I wanted to pursue comic book designing but I decided I’d rather do interior design as my major and comic book designing as a side job.”

Zachary Wickham, Marching Band Drum Major, was accepted into UCLA with a 4.5 G.P.A. He enrolled UCLA as a math major and plans to pursue a career as a Mathematician.  Wiccam thanks his teachers and staff members for helping him through the four years he attended. One of the most important things he learned in high school was how to manage time.

“I focus on the classes I have problems in more than the ones that I feel are easy. Throughout high school I learned to manage my time and it will help me be successful when I attend UCLA,” Wiccam said. “Without the leadership skills I learned from band and the help and advice I got from my teachers, I wouldn’t be as successful.”

Senior Class Vice President Phil Kong was accepted to Notre Dame, Berkley, USC, UCLA and Washington with a 4.6 G.P.A.  Although he wasn’t accepted into his first choice school, he will be attending Washington and Lee University in Virginia. Kong hasn’t decided what major he wants to pursue but has listed himself as chemistry major. Some of the things he believes helped him through high school was late night studying.

“During high school I became more of an insomniac because of late night studying,” Kong said. “It doesn’t seem good for me since I come to school tired but it helped me pass my classes, and in the end, helped me succeed.“

Currently seniors are getting ready for their entrance into the new world  of college and job searching. Not all seniors are going to college; even so some are attending junior colleges and trade schools. Wherever the senior class may go, they will always carry their Viking pride.