Creating the economic thinkers of tomorrow

Mercy Watkins, Staff Writer

For more than ten years, ASB has awarded teacher of the month to hard working teachers who have gone out of their way to assure their students get a proper education. For the month of November, Mr. Glasser has been awarded this honor.

Glasser is one of the school’s economics teachers, and he has been teaching at Downey for over 21 years. When he started, he taught 9th and 10th grade Geography and P.E.  Glasser believes the Teacher of the Month program is a great way to award the educators who work the hardest they can to help students succeed outside of high school.

“It is a nice recognition for all teachers,” Glasser said. “Teachers get beat up politically and in the media, so it is nice that we have a program that recognizes the good work and hard work that teachers do in educating students.”

Students that take Glasser’s class know it is engaging and fun to be in. Last year, Principal Houts evaluated Glasser’s classroom and believed it to be a very interesting class. Houts has worked along side Glasser since he arrived on campus in 1993 and believes Glasser is instrumental in raising the test scores for Social Studies.

“Teacher of the month is designed to honor teachers that are going above and beyond what is expected of them.  Mr. Glasser is the Co-Department Chair for Social Science and has been instrumental in raising the test scores in S.S,” Mr. Houts said. “ He also supports new teachers in collaboration meetings and supporting them is materials acquisition (books, paper, etc.) and through mentoring.”

Ms. Flores, the other department chair, arrived to Downey only a couple of months behind Glasser and believes that he is a genuine teacher who works hard to make sure his students understand what he is teaching and get a little fun out of it.

“After all the years he has taught, he still cares about the students and their success. He is genuine despite his ‘short’ comings.” Flores said.

The main goal Mr. Glasser sets for his students is for them to look forward to coming to class everyday. He wants to help them become more economical and critical thinkers, so that one day they will be better informed citizens.