Parent Institute


Gioconda S. Martinez teaches parents about the importance of taking the SAT and ACT exams during the parent institute that took place in the B building to inform how to prepare their children for college on Oct. 28. As stated by parents, they are willing to do anything in order for their children to be successful in the future and want to know how they can meet their goals.

Roy Mendoza, Copy Editor

In an effort to instill greater knowledge into the minds of parents, a program called the Parent Institute for Quality Education (PIQE) has informed guardians of school-age children about the different requirements that their student must meet to attend a four-year college or university.

One of the most resourceful programs for parents, PIQE has enhanced education for a total of 1.5 million students across the nation since its initiation 23 years ago. Although the organization is aimed to help low budget students, many parents have taken part in at least one of its different educational programs. One of the more popular courses throughout California high school campuses has been the Parent Engagement Education Program, which is currently being held in the Downey District.

“[The Parent Engagement Education Program] is a simple way for parents to be informed on the different activities and exams that must be gone through in order for their children to attempt attending a four-year Cal State or university,” Class Coordinator Cecilla Ruiz said.

As stated by Ruiz, this specific program is meant for parents of students in their junior or senior year. The topics discussed in the classes range from learning how to navigate a schooling system to understanding which different high school courses would most benefit a student based on what college or major he or she is interested in.

“Apart from the different exams that students have to take, it’s of extreme importance that parents motivate their kids to succeed in life,” PIQE teacher Emma Quirarte said.

In response to the the increasing enrollment of Latino students in the California districts, PIQE has made its classes readily available in Spanish and 15 other languages to address the needs of the various nationalities that reside in the state. In fact, studies have shown that 93% of PIQE Latino students graduated from high school compared to the 50% graduation rate of non-PIQE Latinos.

In correlation with the program, Cal State Universities have given their one hundred percent support in order to prepare students with the optimal education needed to rank high. For those who found being educated about the different requirements of college appealing, the children of the dedicated adults also receive a bonus for their parent’s dedication. Parents who graduate the nine-week course receive a certificate that entitles their student an admission to the Cal State University of their choice, assuming all the requirements are met.

“You guys [parents] are taking this class so that you may be able to prove to your children that you really do care,” PIQE teacher Jas Thomas said.

Overall, the Parent Institute for Quality Education has been a beneficial program that has given even the most financially impaired students the chance of pursuing their dreams.