The Downey Legend

On Friday, Feb. 26, sophomore Juan Gonzales and Morad Daachi engage in a brotherly embrace in front of the American flag to demonstrate their fondness of one another. The foreign exchange students shadowed their hosts for a total of two weeks, between Feb. 20 through March 5, as an assignment for the French II class.

Exploring America

Miranda Ramirez , Editor-In-Chief March 9, 2016

In order to improve on their English and experience California, foreign exchange students from France visit Downey High School from Mon., February 22 to Fri., March 4.   Seven students from...

Foreign exchange student, Guillaume Oury, 11, traveled all the way from France to experience American culture in Downey High School for two weeks.

5 Questions with Guillaume

Lidia Rios, Public Relations Manager March 9, 2016

Seventeen year old, Guillaume Oury, is a student from France who is part of the foreign exchange program, and although he has only been in the California for a week and a half, he has already gained...

The 1975 Knows The Sound

Daisy Lopez, Staff Writer March 8, 2016

UK band, The 1975, releases their third single “The Sound” from their new album I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It on February 26. The fans were looking forward...

Junior, Justin Reyes, plays on varsity during the quarterfinals of the CIF basketball 

game that took place at Downey High School on Tuesday, Feb. 22 at 7 PM. “We 

had a great season and I am excited to see what happens next year,” Reyes says.

Last Basketball Game of the Year

Amanda Davila, Staff Writer March 8, 2016

The quarterfinals of the CIF basketball game took place at Downey High School on Tuesday, Feb. 22 at 7 PM. After four quarters of the game, Downey came out short with a 36-51 defeat against John W....

Shia LaBeouf Art Stunt

Fatima Rosas, Managing Editor March 8, 2016

29-year-old actor, director, and performing artist, Shia LaBeouf collaborates with artist Nastja Sade Rönkkö, on Feb. 19 from 9A.M, to 9A.M. on Feb. 20. Their latest art project #ELEVATE, which consisted...

DiCaprio’s Long Anticipated Academy Award

Brandon Guerreo, Staff Writer March 8, 2016

During the 88th Academy Awards ceremony at the Dolby Theatre, in Hollywood California on Feb. 28, the best actors and actresses were given an award for being amongst the best in their career. It came as...

Free Kesha

Aimee-Nicole Torres, Community/Parent & Teachers Editor March 8, 2016

At the age of 18, pop singer, Kesha, was signed to producer Dr. Luke’s label Kemosabe Records owned by Sony Music Entertainment, and now 10 years later, she is allegedly trying to get out of her contract...

JV soccer player, Giselle Hernandez, 11, was born without her left arm, but does not let that stop her from doing what she loves best: playing soccer. “I was born without an arm, so I had to get used to doing things differently,” Hernandez says. “It motivates me because I like to challenge myself at times.”

5 Questions with Giselle Hernandez

Angelica Fregoso, Staff Writer March 7, 2016

DHS soccer player Giselle Hernandez, 11, plays a pivotal role on the JV team as defense, and the attitude she utilizes reflects the one she has gained throughout her life while overcoming the adversity...

Why Apple Should Unlock a Terrorist’s iPhone

Jazlyn Contreras, Video Manager March 4, 2016

After the devastating shooting that occurred in San Bernardino on Dec. 2, the FBI immediately began searching for clues as to what could have led to the attack, or any information the terrorists may have...

Kalamazoo Catastrophe

Alex Castillo, Copy Editor March 4, 2016

An Uber driver turned gunman went on a nightlong rampage on Feb. 20, killing 6 people and wounding 2 victims in the city of Kalamazoo, Michigan. The suspect, 45-year-old Jason Brian Dalton, has absolutely...

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