Frank Ocean: “Chanel”

Alexandra Rapalo, Writer

After a year of not releasing any singles, Frank Ocean debuted his song “Chanel” on the second episode of his digital radio station Blonded on March 10.  This came as a surprise to his listeners as they were not expecting this release along with the true meaning behind his subtle lyrics. In this song, Ocean explains his bisexuality and the difficulties that come along with the expectation of gender roles. The first lyric of this single is, “I see both sides like Chanel,” which refers to the brand Chanel and its logo, and goes to show that he sees both sides to people and that he can love a man or woman; if he has a connection with them it makes no difference to him. He also says, “My guy pretty like a girl,” which breaks the barrier of gender roles and acknowledges that guys can be feminine just as girls can be masculine. This song is relevant in today’s society because in this day and age more and more people are becoming accepting of people’s gender preferences and slowly moving away from specific gender roles. I personally like this song because these topics being in the mainstream media reveal the progress we, as a society, have made.