Oscars Awards 2018: The Winners

Brenda Melara, Writer

The 90th Academy Awards celebrated their annual ceremony on March 4 at the Dolby Theater at the Hollywood and Highland Centre. The night started with a presentation by the host Jimmy Kimmel and proceeded to the award winners.


Some of the highlights of the night include the movie Coco winning best animated picture feature film and their song Remember Me winning best original song, the acknowledgment of #MeToo movement with the speech of Frances McDormand sending a call from inclusion and diversity in Hollywood.  She also asked all the women nominees to stand up in front of the viewers to show their presence of the cinematic world.


Guillermo del Toro also won best picture with his movie The Shape of Water and also won an Oscar for directing the same movie. During his acceptance speech Guillermo del Toro talked about how cinematic arts helps create frontiers and divisions within cultures and ethnicities.


Finally, although it did not win best picture this year was the first time a horror movie was nominated best picture. The movie Get Out won the category of original screenplay.

Edward Haro, 11, gave his personal opinion about the movie The Shape of Water winning best picture on the awards next year.


“Even though I haven’t seen all of the movies nominates, I do think it deserved to win,” Haro said. “It was a really good movie and I really liked it.”


Keven Navarro, 12, talked about one of the nominees for best picture Call Me By Your Name and his appreciation of the awarness of the LGBTQ community showned in the awards this year.


“I honestly think that Call Me By Your Name could have won,” Navarro said. “I like how it talks about homosexuality there is a certain aesthetic that the movie and book has that is different from other type of movies.”


Jonathan Zaragoza, 12,  was asked if he was rooting for someone in particular to win their respective categories and this was his answer.


“Guillermo del Toro all the way, he helped me defined a lot of genre movies and I was also rooting for Baby Driver for best editing because I love Edgar Wright,” Zaragoza said. “I thinks it’s so unique and different from everyone else.”


The night was full of surprises and showed not only the winners of movies and their production but also it brought awareness about serious subjects such as women inclusion and acceptance of sexual preferences. In order to view the results on the rest of the categories click the following website.

Oscar Results: https://www.oscars.org/oscars/ceremonies/2018