Justice League

Makayla Riley, Writer

The recent DC Universe movies that have been produced by Warner Bros. have received high praise over the past few years, from Man of Steel in 2013 to the recent Wonder Woman release. Over the past couple of months the studio has been in the making of the new Justice League movie. Here are some things you should know before checking out the movie.

Justice League will serve as a sequel to  Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which was released in 2016 and received mixed reviews from fans because of the movie’s ambiguous ending to Superman’s death.


Isaiah Rodriguez, 11, who is a fan of anything DC, had an interesting take on Superman’s role in the upcoming movie. “I suspect he [Superman] might return in the movie,” Rodriguez said. “If he doesn’t return I would be surprised.”


Adrian Soto, 11, is also a fan of the DC Universe.


“I’m excited to see Justice League,” Soto said. “I have been ever since I first heard of it’s making, due to some first screen appearances of characters like Aquaman and Cyborg.”


Yet with all these superhero movies coming out in the recent years, some find them to be an annoying trend in the scheme of studio producers trying to make a buck from millions of fans.


Suhan Hwang, 11, who believes recent DC movies have declined in ratings, is one who takes this position.


“I like the animated Justice League series better,” Hwang said. “Just like Suicide Squad, it was all hyped up, and turned out to be bad in my opinion.”


On the other hand, there are people who still have high hopes that Justice League will live up to its expectations when it releases this week.


“I believe that if DC can continue to build upon it’s cinematic universe similar to Marvel, the movie won’t fade into nothingness,” Soto said. “I believe it will live up to it’s expectations as DC now sees what it can do right and wrong.”


One thing fans will see are lot of famous stars playing the main DC superheroes. The trailer that released earlier of this year showed Gal Gadot playing Wonder Woman, whose critically acclaimed Wonder Woman gained attention this year. Batman will be played by Academy Award winner Ben Affleck, and Jason Momoa from Game of Thrones is casted as Aquaman.  Perks of Being A Wallflower’s Ezra Miller will play as Flash, and Ray Fisher as Cyborg, who made his debut in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.


Justice League will premiere Nov. 17, yet you can still get your presale tickets at your nearest theater or online.


In the meantime, Warner Bros. has also released some clips that will appear in the movie, in which you can check out in this link below.