Premiere of the IT Haunted House

Corey Ocasio, Writer

As the premier of the remake of the classic horror film It by Stephen King rolled around the corner, the community of Los Angeles lined up to partake in the new “It Experience” located on the corner of Hollywood and Vine from August 14 through September 10.    

With special features such as holographic images and live actors, hundreds, possibly even thousands of Los Angeles natives were determined to experience all the haunted house had to offer, even if it meant waiting in line for hours.


“I honestly had to wait in line from two in the afternoon all the way til nine at night,” Ashley Garcia, 12, said. “If you’re even thinking about going, make sure to either reserve your tickets online or come extra early, and keep your phone charged.”


Students, as well as the majority of adults living in the Los Angeles area who visited the haunted house, had positive comments about whether the 20 minute experience lived up to their expectations and if the 4 hour long wait was worth it.


“The whole experience was great and unforgettable,” horror fanatic, Jonathan Calderon, 12, said. “Before, I wasn’t as interested in seeing the new remake of the film, but after visiting the haunted house I’m anxious to watch it. I’d totally recommend people to go if they haven’t seen the movie yet.”


Other students, however, were disappointed they could not attend the once in a lifetime event simply because of their age.  


“I’m kinda bummed that I can’t go just because I’m not 18,”  Alyssa Billetta, 12, said. “I was very excited to go, but if I were able to, I would expect to see lots of blood and gore, clowns, and scary pop-ups.”


The It Experience was free and open to the public daily from 11a.m. to 11p.m. for 27 days coinciding with the greatly anticipated release of the new film It that premiered on Friday, Sept. 8. The haunted house was heavily based on the home of fictional movie character Pennywise the Clown.