Krikorian’s Final Days

Vicky Arguello, Writer

As new movie theaters with reserved seating become more popular, old-school theaters are beginning to close. Included is Downey’s Krikorian Premier Theater, as they have announced they will be closing on Sept. 1, 2018 to be replaced by a new cinema called Studio Movie Grill.


Moviegoers believe that the Krikorian should just be updated so that the city can preserve some of its history and the community can still hold on to all of the memories created there.


“I understand that the Krikorian is outdated, but I don’t feel that replacing it is the best option,” frequent moviegoer and student Mikayla Bisson, 12, said. “Maybe a better option would be to renovate it and keep some of the original aspects like the neon sign.”


As news spread about the closing, Downey’s youth began to reminisce about all of the memories they created at Krikorian and how it made them feel.   


“I think it’s kind of sad; it’s kind of like a landmark to Downey, a piece of our history,” Isabel Estrada, 12, said. “Teenagers have all types of middle school memories there.”  


Others were sad to see Krikorian go, but were open to seeing what Studio Movie Grill will have to offer including the new prices.


“I don’t like that a part of my childhood is now changing, but at the same time I feel like a little change with that theater might be nice,” 2017 graduate Daniel Gonzalez said. “[The] only thing I’m not excited for is the new theater prices.”


Krikorian has been operating in the city of Downey for 20 years and has been a popular hangout for Downey’s youth. The Studio Movie Grill will feature reserved seating and the latest digital projection and sound combined with an American grill menu, premium bar and modern lounge.