The Wicked John Wick

James Torrico , Writer

In the suburbs of New Jersey lives a man that has been deemed “The Boogeyman,” not only  because of his appearance or scare factor, but because of the incredible skill that he has as an assassin. That man is John Wick.  John Wick 2 picks up where the first movie left off, avenging the murder of his dog and the robbery of his favorite car. As Wick finishes his “business”, he chooses that it is now time to retire, but an associate he made a promise to comes back and forces him to do “business” and a whole new version of Wick is shown. He can be seen as the most interesting man in the world because of his wide arrange of dialects and his combat abilities that are near impossible to replicate.


As the story progresses, the main plot line thickens as the “associate” completely turns on Wick and causes absolute chaos which puts absolute thrill seekers on the edge of their seat. They are completely engaged and will want to see what will happens in the end.


Action movie enthusiast Senen Sanchez,12 enjoyed the movie.


“I love the nonstop action in the movie,” Sanchez said, “especially how the ending left me wanting more.”


John Wick 2 provides that attention seeking action that will keep you rooting for him all the time. When his back is against the wall, you tend to be scared for him. That feeling is something movies tend to lack.


The first time watching a John Wick film, Matthew Sanchez 12, enjoyed seeing beyond the plot.


“The special alliance that John Wick is a part of is really cool,” Sanchez,12, said. “I like how they have their own currency that will help them do business no matter what part of the world they are in.”


In the world of John Wick, there is a special alliance with the big business people, assassins, and other important people. They have rules that all their members must follow or else the consequences will be dire.


After watching the first John Wick film, Leonardo Burgous ,12, could not wait to see the new installment.


“I enjoyed this sequel more than the first movie and that’s rare to say,” Burgous said. “I enjoyed how much more in depth we got into the John Wick world and how everything got so crazy so fast.”


John Wick takes it to the next level and shows that he is a force not to be reckoned with. If you are looking for a great action movie that would keep you engaged all the way through, John Wick 2 is a movie for you.