Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights

James Torrico, Writer

As autumn rolls around, the family friendly amusement park we all know as Universal Studios, becomes the blood-curdling horror show that is Halloween Horror Nights.


Halloween Horror Nights is a special event that takes place every year at Universal Studios Hollywood from the hours of 7 p.m.-2 a.m. Horror Nights is a popular event among teenagers and young adults who enjoy the thrill of being scared.


In 2016, Horror Nights has the most anticipated maze line up in recent history. This year incorporates some of the juggernauts of horror such as Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Leatherface,  and Michael Myers. The event has also added the 13 Emmy award-winning show “American Horror Story”, popular christmas horror movie Krampus and the proclaimed scariest movie of all time The Exorcist to their maze line up.


With the addition of the year round attraction that is “The Walking Dead”, there is a grand total of 7 mazes this year. That is the most amount of mazes ever to be held in the event’s history here in the Los Angeles area. The main theme this year is The Purge:Election Year, so do not be surprised if you see and hear familiar sights and sounds from the movie upon entrance to the  event. Upon viewing the wait time board, your jaw will drop when you see that the maze you have been anticipating to go on has a two hour wait or more.


“I love the thrill that it gives me,” third year Horror Nights attendee and student, Nixon Cortave-Tejada 12, said. “When we go inside mazes, how they scare me, it hypes me up and makes me want to go on more mazes.”


Second year Horror Nights attendee and student, Emyly Rodriguez 12, explains why she pays to get scared. “ I do it because it’s new,” said Rodriguez. “It’s interesting because you see something from a different perspective.”


Horror Nights is widely raved about among people of all ages. Avid Horror Nights goer, Eduardo Rodriguez 12, helps those who are skeptical about the event. “I would recommend this event to everybody,” Rodriguez said. “ You know so like they can have a new experience, a new adventure.”
The event begins on September 16 and ticket prices vary every night. Every night is expected to have a capacity crowd so plan your night accordingly to get the best experience possible. The event is recommended for mature people and for people over the age of 13 so enter at your own risk. Horror Nights is looking to have another successful year and hope that this is one of the best years yet.