What If The Asteroid Missed?

Jazlyn Contreras, Video Manager

Known as the number one comedy film of the year, Disney Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur has become one of the most beloved family movies so far. The Good Dinosaur is about an alternate story of Earth, taking place 65 million years ago, where dinosaurs roamed across the fields without the asteroid striking them to cause their extinction. During this time period, a young Apatosaurus named Arlo gets lost far from his family. In order to get back home, he must go through a series of wild adventures with the help of a young caveboy Arlo named Spot, and encountering other dinosaurs and species. Throughout his journey, Arlo must also overcome his fears to return to his family.


This movie is known to be a family-friendly enjoyment for many audiences. Downey High School, junior, Anna Fabon, expressed how she felt about the film.


“The movie was so cute,” Fabon said. “It made me wish that the asteroid never hit Earth so the dinosaurs can be here…and to have a little boy like Spot.”


The theater was packed on Nov. 25 with children and their families; surely they had to, because dinosaurs were involved in a Disney Pixar film. Students in Downey High spoke about The Good Dinosaur right after Thanksgiving break and how heartwarming it was for them. Although the movie was known to be adorable and sweet, a few students like junior, Eric Briano was neutral after watching it.


“I saw the movie with my little brother, so for me it was just an average kids’ movie,” Briano said. “It had some cute scenes and only two jokes made me laugh, but other than that, it just wasn’t the movie for me.”


Critics here and there speak different views on The Good Dinosaur; some thought it was overall lovable, some believed it was not “the best” Disney Pixar film, and some were on both sides. Before watching a movie in theaters, one would have to hear about it and know if they would enjoy it. Junior, Vanessa Abrego heard that it was a great movie, so she plans to watch it.


“Many kids look up to those movies,” Abrego said. “Kids enjoy it when they see good qualities and values in Disney movies; they have good examples for kids, like friendship, bravery, and family. I would watch it with my family during Christmas break.”


Movies that are for children and family can get a lot of reviews due to Disney’s extraordinary ways to teach young ones lessons. Pixar is known for making movies that are better at showing audience messages rather than telling them; The Good Dinosaur is one of them.