Suck it and listen

Suck it and listen

The new album “Suck It and See” by the Arctic Monkeys, release their album to the United States on June 7, which is available in three different formats, compact disc, vinyl, and digital download. The album contains songs such as, She’s Thunderstorms, Brick by Brick, Library Pictures and Piledriver and was produced by James Ford at Sound City Studios in Los Angeles.

After a long two years, the Arctic Monkeys are back with their fourth disc ‘Suck It and See,’ released June 7 on Domino Records. Fans and bloggers have been looking forward to the new album since the release of it’s first single ‘Brick by Brick,’ in March.

“I was so stoked to hear the album after the band came out with “Brick by Brick.” senior Marcos Muro said. “I’m always impressed with their new work. Although it changes from time to time with every album I still love the band’s work.”

The once adolescent, hard rocking boys from Sheffield have taken a pop twist on the album. As the band’s style has been on a constant change since their last released LP “Humbug,” their talent has not. Working with long time friend and one part of Simian Mobile Disco James Ford, the 12-track disc is a combination of poppy rhythm and affectionate lyrics that tell a story in every song. The album has a strong approach on calm vocals and tranquil guitar riffs while still drummer Matt Helders keeps true to his method of drumming. Unlike “Humbug,” this album is much less dark, and is almost reminiscence to 60’s. The sound is as if the Velvet Underground’s “Sweet Jane,” met the Kink’s “Set Me Free.”

“I’m really enjoying the album,” senior Robert Carrasco said. “Most of it is really mellow and simple.”

While taking the time to write the album, lead singer Alex Turner had his own side project which influenced the disc. Turner’s movie soundtrack project for the film “Submarine,” not only had a part in the sound of the “Suck It and See,” but the ninth track “Piledriver Waltz,” makes its appearance on both LPs.

Another step the band took to publicize their new album is a North American tour. The Monkeys started their tour in the capital Washing D.C. and their last destination was at the Palladium in Hollywood. The sold out show did not disappoint as senior and dedicated fan Erick Lopez explains.

“The show was amazing!” Lopez said. “I was especially digging the new songs, Arctic never fails to disappoint and I can’t wait to see them once again.”

The four piece band plans to play many festivals through the summer such as San Fransico’s Outside Lands and Chicago’s Lollapalooza.

The Sheffield natives will be on tour for the latter part of two years. Though “Suck It and See,” has been released, bloggers are still anticipating the bands next album, and although some fans embrace the bands new outlook on music, others are waiting for the day that the self-taught gang will go back to the days of “The View from the Afternoon.”