Artist of the month: Working for the stars


Anais Hinojosa, Art & Entertainment Assistant

While some people paint on a canvas or draw in a sketchbook, sophomore Patriz Manalo has a passion for an art that cannot be created on either, special effects make-up. What started out as nothing more than helping out with Halloween make-up developed into more than just a hobby for this self-taught artist, but a career choice as well.

“Some people dream about going off to med school or being a stay-at-home mom, but this is what I want to do,” Manalo said. “They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I believe it’s also in the hands of the make-up artist. Special effects make-up is unique, it’s eccentric, and to me it’s beautiful.”

Manalo got a chance to test her skills by being a part of the crew for the school musical, “Little Shop of Horrors.” As the special effects make-up artist, she put in hard hours and worked hand in hand with the actors in order to give them that corpselike zombie look.

“With her make-up, she created the bang of the finale,” junior Crosby Lewis said. “She’s hardworking, creative with her materials, and her attitude towards the job just makes her an overall a good person to work with.”

Apart from having worked on the musical, Patriz was also recruited onto the crew for “An Undead Story,” a student produced zombie film directed by sophomore Patrick Sullivan. The movie will be worked on over the summer and is the first project of its kind being taken on by the newly formed Club Entourage, which is run by Mr. Thompkins.

“In a zombie movie, the make-up artist’s position is almost as important as the lead role actors or the director’s because without make-up, you can’t bring the zombies to life,” director Sullivan said. “I see a lot teens who’d rather become an actor, director, or writer, but her passion is with make-up and I think she can go far in that line of work.”

After high school, the young artist aspires to study at the Cinema Makeup School here in Los Angeles, or at Tom Savini’s School of Special Effects in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Until then, however, she plans to work her way up by getting as much experience as possible, and hopefully even book an assistant’s position in the crew of a movie studio.

Although Manalo, like many artists before her, has started out at the bottom and is primarily practicing her art with jobs at school, it is not all that is in store for her and is on the right road towards the top.