Pushing the envelope for photography

Pushing the envelope for photography

As graduation approaches, the Advanced Photo Program prepares for their annual senior portraits in the photo room on May 21. Cordova’s advanced photo students set up the studio and provided seniors with a cap and gown to pose in their photograph with.

Thomas Beltran, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Aside from furthering their photographic talent, advanced photo have been busy with projects of their own this year, with teacher Ronda Cordova leading the way. The class has not only taken Prom portraits for Downey, but they also took pictures of classy dresses and tuxes for Warren’s prom, and senior portraits(their latest achievement).

“The pictures came out great, and we’re hoping to get a lot more couples next year,” Cordova said.

Another reason this advanced photo class is differencing themselves from others is by individual students reaching great potential. Two major stars for the class have been 3-year Advance Photo student Carlos Ontiveros and 2nd place winner for the 34th Congressional Photography contest Frankie Concha.

“Everyone in the class is learning how to better themselves in the field of photography,” Ontiveros said. “The whole class has talent.”

With the end of the school year coming, the class has not stopped with their projects. The photographers are gearing for their next assignment: senior portraits. Mrs. Cordova’s collective are excited to make every senior that comes to 0-2, the best.

“I’m ready to take senior pictures,” senior photographer, Pablo Lopez said. “It’s always more fun to take pictures with people you are friends with, and since most of my friends are seniors it’s definitely a benefit.”

The class is hoping to pull in at least a quarter of the senior class for the activity and contribute money towards next years advanced photo class and other projects.

Whether taking pictures for Prom or perfecting portraits, this innovative class have applied their talents to notable projects.