Artist of the Month: Chris Sarabia


In the J building on Friday, May 6, senior Chris Sarabia lays out some of his art work. The modest artist is currently enrolled in Intermediate Drawing and hopes to teach young children the wonders of art some day.

Thomas Beltran, Arts & Entertainment Editor

When it comes to articulating himself, words and emotions are not the only way senior Chris Sarabia captures his expressions. Whether through a pencil, a can, or a brush, Sarabia has been determined to make his art unique since 9th grade.

“Art has opened my eyes to a whole new world, just in my daily life,” Sarabia said. “I look at things with a different perspective.”

While conducting a project, the senior has a fondness for working with watercolors and acrylics. He also likes to create canvases that symbolize his other passions, such as music.

“His work is amazing!” senior Lauren Brasov said. “I wish I could just see through his eyes and think what he’s thinking when he works on his art.”

Sarabia’s work is not only recognized by certain individuals of the student body, but also by his teachers, such as art teacher Mrs. Carbajal. A piece by the aspiring artist was set on display in the J building.

“I think his work is very unique and speaks for itself,” Mrs. Carbajal said. “He has a real talent for art and I hope to see him progress.”

Though his artwork is beginning to earn recognition in high school, the senior hopes for it to continue. Sarabia wants to carry on his talent after graduating, by attending art school after graduation.

“I don’t want my passion to stop here,” the artist said. “My dream job is to be able to teach kids arts and pass on my techniques.”

Though art can be looked at in all perspectives, there’s no doubt that this ambitious artist has a real knack for his work. For the people that believe in his work, they hope that Sarabia continues with his passion and he will one day fulfill his dreams through art.