Remembering The Beatles

Remembering The Beatles

Although The Beatles broke up over forty years ago, love of their music and support from their fans keeps their spirit alive. The band broke up on April 10 of 1970, but fans still continue to buy their music and merchandise to this day.

Anais Hinojosa, Arts & Entertainment Assistant

The world was met with one of the greatest disappointments in music history on April 10, 1970, when Paul McCartney announced the break-up of the legendary band: The Beatles. Heartbreak spread, but people’s love for the undying sensation spread even further. Today, The Beatles continue to be alive in spirit not only on campus but across borders and seas alike.

Whether it’s by sporting a snazzy t-shirt or buying their recently released albums on iTunes, students make it evident that Beatle-mania is far from dying out.

“I think what sets The Beatles apart from bands today is the impact they had on the world,” junior Alex Sosa said. “They are like the Picasso or DaVinci of music; they may be gone, but are still looked up to for what they accomplished.”

Clearly, these shaggy-haired legends had it all right; it is truly rare to find someone out there who is not familiar with their music. Moreover, it is also rare to find people who do not appreciate or at least acknowledge the musical accomplishments of this band.

“The Beatles actually put heart into the songs they made,” sophomore John Fernandez said. “Whenever I’m down, I always find myself listening to a lot of their songs, which somehow brings me peace and serenity.”

Even though it has been over thirty years since The Beatles broke apart, they still continue to expand, especially since today’s technology and creativity seem to have no limit.

“To extend my love for them, I went out and got The Beatles Rock Band,” sophomore Steven Song said. “If you truly want to experience their music, go to Vegas and watch The Beatles’ ‘Love’ show. It’s amazing, like a live music video, and sprouts reason into the creation of their songs.”

While most bands do not have their own video game or Vegas production, The Beatles have it all, and instead of being worn out as the decades pass, all they have done is grown. There is no denying that no matter how many years go by, the love has entranced so many around the world will live on for generations to come. There will always be a surplus of people who will sing along to their songs or put up a poster on their bedroom wall because true legends never die, they make history.