Photography finalist places in congressional competition

Photography finalist places in congressional competition

A photographer amongst many at Downey High School, senior Frankie Concha is the only finalist in his school to be in the top five for the 34th Congressional District Competition. Concha used his talent to set himself apart from others while expressing his emotional and artistic ability; through a photograph expressing his idea that certain people can get corrupted in everyday society.

Thomas Beltran, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Photography is becoming second nature for senior Francisco Concha, who entered the 34th Congressional District Photography Competition and also was placed 3rd in Downey High School’s Poster contest, held by Mrs. Mullen. The aspiring photographer was placed in the top 5 category of finalists out of 250 contestants entered.

The contest covers a wide variety of artistic photos, such as different textural uses and other altering of the original picture taken.  When taking the picture, the creative photographer had a very long thought process to decide what will be his theme would be.

“I thought of the picture and I wanted it to be about corruption,” Concha said. “It took me about two weeks and a half to take, edit, and finalize the picture that was entered.”

The picture that the aspiring photographer entered was a portrait of senior Desiree Cisneros and it was textured in an ash-like edit. Concha looked to grasp all the emotion of the corruption that he noticed in the world, such as: lying, cheating, and stealing.

“Initially I didn’t think I would get chosen,” Concha said. “I’ve never had a passion for anything until now. I always tried various hobbies and sports, but now that I’m in the top 5, I know photography is a strong passion for me.”

When finding out about being one of the five finalists, the photographer was hanging out in Mrs.

Cordova’s photo room, that’s when she got the call.

“I was super excited when I found out about Frankie being a finalist,” Cordova said.

Though already excited to be in the top 5, Concha will not find out about the winner until April 9. The first place winner gets a thousand dollar prize, art supplies, and a very significant spot for the winning picture to hang in the House of Congress.

“I think he’ll continue to be a great photographer,” friend Pablo Lopez said. “I love his work.”

If Concha wins the contest, the young photographer says it will be a boost of confidence for his passion, but he will continue to pursue the art of taking and editing pictures. He hopes one day, he’ll gain recognition at a national and even international level.