Artist of the month: the long and winding road

Artist of the month: the long and winding road

On the stage in the theatre, Randell Milan improvises a song on his guitar. Milan started playing violin in his earlier years and learned to play other instruments as his musical abilities developed.

Anais Hinojosa, Arts & Entertainment Assistant

After several years as a multi-talented musician, junior Randell Milan is finally recording his first album under the label Thunder Bolt. The opportunity arose at a friend’s gig, where Milan was discovered.

Apart from singing and harmonizing, this young and prosperous musician plays more instruments than can be counted on one hand. Amongst those instruments are: bass, guitar, piano, French horn, trumpet, violin, cello, and the ukulele. When he records, Milan plays his own instruments—except for the drums—and sings his own harmony.

Although Milan is in band and is quite versatile when it comes to music, covering The Beatles is his number one specialty. His love for the classic rock band began developing when he was in fifth grade, and it was in seventh grade when he learned and performed his first song by them, “Can’t Buy Me Love,” on the piano.

“I love how he’s so determined to get something done and perfect it afterwards and make it even better,” senior brother Elmer Milan said. “Now that I recognize how good he’s gotten, I realize I always saw him coming this far.”

The current album Milan is recording will feature a few Beatles covers as well as several original tracks. The contract promises two more albums over the next few months, which will feature more originals and will also be sold on iTunes.

“When people play in a band they think they’re going to get famous,” Milan said. “I was kind of with that crowd, thinking we would get famous one day, but I never really believed it, and now I’m really thankful this has happened because this is that first step and I just want to get out there.”

The opportunity to use his original music gave Milan a chance to bring back long lost music that he wrote long ago, but has been untouched since. Milan is also collaborating with his drummer and other student poets from campus to turn their poems into songs.

“He truly loves what he does; music is his passion, that’s what makes him a great musician,” junior Alexis Barrios said.  “He deserves this achievement and more to come; it’s about time a label climbs to his peak gets to be honored by his golden talent.”

Milan is an inspirational figure to his peers, proving that with enough determination, dreams are attainable.