Young videographers hit record

Young videographers hit record

On tops of the stairs of the B-building, Juan Nunez, Jarrid Reyes, and Joshua Guzman lay on a couch to display their sense of humor. The trio began making their comedic YouTube videos over a year and a half ago.

Thomas Beltran, Art & Entertainment Editor

Since its creation the internet has become a second form of television with sites such as Hit Record or Vimeo. Recently, recording sketch comedy has been a passion for freshman Juan “Go-Go” Nunez, and his band of actors. The group has recently just made a new page for their Youtube channel and set a name for themselves called The Rotting Coin.  Using his camcorder, Nunez and his friends create a sort of humor that can be easily viewed and laughed at.

“Usually it’s just my friends and I getting together and making jokes and coming up with good ideas,” Nunez said. “It usually takes about a month to film and edit everything.”

When it comes to making the videos the group gathers their friends such as sophomores Joshua Guzman and freshman Jarrid Reyes.

“I like the videos and I think the ideas we come up with are good,” Guzman says. “I also think it’s funny when I do see my names in the credits.”

The Rotting Coin looks for inspiration from big names on the web such as Knight 64. When working together the group takes little time coming up with skit ideas, jokes, and even when filming they take time to improvise new lines that would add on to the already comedic look of the videos.

Bringing their own humor to the computer screen is more than a hobby for the group. They take time and energy to produce a 5 or 6 minute videos.

“I’m pretty sure we’ll continue to make the videos throughout high school,” Reyes said.

The Rotting Coin will continue to make videos, and plan on filming their next project soon. They look forward to continuing to work with each other for some time. Their goals are to get more views and have more viewers, and gain recognition from online viewers.

The Rotting Coin Videos an be viewed here.