School musical today, Broadway tomorrow

Anais Hinojosa, Arts & Entertainment Assistant

With the auditions are over with, the cast for the upcoming drama musical production, “Little Shop of Horrors,” has been determined and is posted in front of B-102. With the stars of the show appointed to their roles, this anticipated production is finally ready to be underway.

The plot is comprised of a nerdy florist on Skid Row who finds a chance for success and romance when he discovers a giant man-eating plant who demands to be fed. This strange plot combined with song and dance stirred up a lot of attention amongst students and many took an interest in auditioning, making the casting quite competitive.

“I knew I definitely wanted to audition no matter what the musical was about, but I ended up liking ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ because was weird, very different, and I like out there, odd kind of musicals,” lead actress sophomore Selena Dolmuz said.

The performers of this production are giving it their all, whether it is merely for the satisfaction of putting on a great show, or for higher purposes.

“I’m going to put my whole heart into it and make sure my role is portrayed as it should be,” junior David Diaz said. “I told myself that I had to get in the play no matter what, to help me with my resume because I’m trying to become an actor. I’ll be getting more experience working with different people, music, and everything else involved in this production.”

The young actors know that it takes more than just showing up to rehearsal daily, however, to really ensure the best out of a performance.

“I’ve actually listened to the album at least fifteen times these past few days,” lead actor senior Carlos Gamboa said. “I’m getting really, really into character by watching the movie and the original play time after time, over and over again to solidify my position.”

Knowing your character is perhaps as important, if not more, than knowing your lines, so those who auditioned had a particular character in mind for which they were auditioning.

“I love my character Seymour Krelborn ,” Gamboa said. “Even though he’s a nerdy guy he’s still out there, always finds hope, and pushes to strive to prosper even though he lives on Skid Row where there’s no hope.”

From talent development to career opportunities, it all seems to be in store within the “Little Shop of Horrors” production.

“I have always wanted to be in a musical so it’s like a dream come. In previous drama plays, we’ve never had to sing or dance in front of an audience so it’s certainly a more creative and bigger production that I expect to learn a lot from,” Dolmuz said. “I hope to get experience and recognition for what we do and that the school appreciates the Arts and Drama Department more after they watch the musical.”

If all goes well, then not only will this production be a step forward for the stars, but for the Drama Department as well.