I’d like to thank the Academy…

Brandon Pineda

In what appears to be one of the worst Oscar award shows in broadcasted history, a not profound and risky idea, allowing two young “hip” actors host, displayed a grande, repulsing presentation for the most important night for the movie business. The Oscars did not have a “bam”, out of the blue award moment. Predictions were very solid. The only reason this Award show will go down in history is because of the apathetic, and sometimes dazed, hosts of James Franco and Anne Hathaway. Since these actors were suspected to appeal to the younger audience, they put on their heels—quite literally—to raise ratings. They fell, hard.

Hathaway and Franco’s goal was to remain appealing and bright. Their montage for the best picture nominated movies delivered what the rest of the award show lacked: depth, wit, and originality. Fresh lines were shared between the couple like Franco telling Hathaway, “You look so beautiful and so hip,” and she responded, “Thank you, James. You look very appealing to a younger demographic as well.” However, it took much more than small lines to keep the prestigious Oscars redeemable. The couple did not mesh together. Senior Jacqueline Nunez preferred the hosts of-stage.

“[Hathaway and Franco] were not terrible; I just didn’t want to see them on-stage,” Nunez said, “I prefer a more inappropriate Ricky Gervais than dull hosts.”

British comedian, Ricky Gervais, hosted the Golden Globes earlier in January. Critics and television audiences commented on his crude language and dark comedy. Gervais would not be restrained. Not only would Gervais focus on the seemingly easier targets like Charlie Sheen, he focused on most of all the nominees.  In comparison to the dullness of the worthy—and most credible— Oscars, the Golden Globes was much more entertaining. Senior Janette Rico searched through the abundance of staleness and lack of wit.

“I enjoy seeing moviemakers receiving the recognition they deserve. However, I’m not the one receiving the honor, therefore, I want more substance from the actual show,” Rico said.

This was sizing up to be everything the Oscars are not supposed to be: clunky, amateurish, and pretty much stale. For viewers not actually receiving the honors, substance is necessary. Substance was absent this Sunday.