Actor spotlight: Josh Marrero

Thomas Beltran, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Putting himself in front of the spotlight has always been a passion for senior Josh Marrero. Obtaining lead roles in the past two school plays, Marrero is taking his goal of becoming a professional actor seriously. Recently finding an agent has also put a positive shift to his career as an actor. “It’s really hard to get into acting,” the aspiring actor said. “I’ve been going to auditions and it’s nerve-wrecking, especially being in a foreign environment, but I also like it because big sets are what I’m into.” When Marrero is on stage he takes influence from one of his favorite actors: Tom Hanks.  Though large sets and productions may be hectic, he looks up to actors such as Hanks when he is determined to nail an audition. As the latest production “News from St. Petersburg,” was taking place, audience member and junior student Elizabeth Pelayo had incite on his performance. “He did very well in the play,” Pelayo said. “Seeing him on stage is incredible.” Though acting may not seem like a team effort, the actor does everything he can with his cast and drama class to make it a group effort. “He takes his work very seriously,” senior Maylin Gonzalez said, “he still knows how to make the rest of the cast laugh and have a good time.” Working on his ambition is not the only thing that consumes Marrero’s life. He also enjoys playing sports such as basketball or hanging out with friends. Not only does this ambitious actor express his talent in school plays, he has also been cast in commercials (a recent McDonalds ad) and is also working on being casted in more professional movies while working with his agent. “It’s cool being in a commercial, especially with all the royalties; that’s not too bad,” Marrero said. “I want to become a big name actor, but like an actor that does his own stunts and action scenes.” Still being in high school and continuing to work on his experience on set has not set Marrero back on his goals. Looking forward to college, the striving actor is going to continue his acting career, and will strive to be an ideal movie star. He continues to break through the boundaries of his abilities and pushes himself as an actor.