Reality through the creative eye

Julia Ruiz, Sports Editor

The creative minds of Ashley Asturi and Michelle Cervantes have created a new world in which both artists can fully express their most inner and personal thoughts.

After being inspired by her uncle’s talent, senior Ashley Asturi began to pursue art herself.  She began illustrating and as the years passed by, she discovered that drawing was her true passion.

“My uncle would send me some of his art and that’s when I started drawing,” Asturi said, “Art runs in my family and I really want to be the first one to professionally do something with it.”

Enlightening herself with work from Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo, Asturi’s art captures people in various raw emotions. At times, her art is autobiographical as she finds it therapeutic and a way to escape from reality.

Asturi has taken art for the past four years and plans on attending either Otis or Pasadena College to major in illustration. She works hard in the hopes that her audience will find a deeper meaning behind the colors of her work and wishes for people to be affected by her talent. Asturi wants the viewer to be left with inspiration.

Like Asturi, senior Michelle Cervantes is an aspiring illustrator. From a young age, Cervantes began sketching in her mother’s notebook. Finding an interest in cartoons, Cervantes is taken by bright colors full of life and intensity.

“I get my inspiration from anything that has bright colors and interesting or amazing texture,” Cervantes said.

Having an eye for color, Cervantes will attend FIDM in the fall with aspirations of becoming an interior designer. She hopes that with interior design, she will capture people’s personality and emotions and display them through the comfort of a home. Cervantes’ goal as an artist is to inspire others to do something for themselves.

Ms. Nikaj, both Asturi’s and Cervantes’ art teacher, have seen these girls grow up throughout the years and develop as artists.

“Both girls show much potential. Each of them have a unique style,” Nikaj said. “They both have developed better shading and painting skills throughout the years and are able to critique their artwork better and seem to be more creative on projects.”

Through art, Ashley Asturi and Michelle Cervantes have found a personal connection to the world. Their art reflects both their personalities and views on life. For these aspiring artists, art is more than a drawing or painting; it is an escape from reality that may suppress many.