J-FEX: Man made music


Chosen as artist of the month for his unique talent, sophomore Jaime Vega beat boxes his way to the stage. Vega is also known as “J-FEX” among his friends for sound effects he is able to produce.

Anais Hinojosa, Arts & Entertainment Assistant

After stumbling across a YouTube video last summer, sophomore Jamie Vega developed a new hobby: beat-boxing. Upon watching the video from a UK beat-boxing battle championship, he became intrigued by the talent of the performers and decided to try it out himself. Vega was only taught the three basic beats of beat-boxing and developed the rest of his talent on his own.

“I like beat boxing because it is something that anyone can do just by making beats with their mouth,” Vega said. “It’s like a human instrument you can always play.”

For the first time ever, Vega performed for an audience at the school talent show this past December, giving himself the nickname “J-Fex”. His talent was brought to light that night, catching he attention of many, including local hip-hop band Royal Dynasty.

“After seeing him perform, I knew there was some raw talent there, waiting to be exposed and trained,” Royal Dynasty manager Khalil Shashati said.

Royal Dynasty hopes to recruit Vega and make J-Fex a part of the band. According to Shashati, not only could Vega contribute cool beats, but he would also be perfect for promotional videos and for attracting crowds.

Vega’s talent, however, is not only appreciated by fellow musicians, but by his peers as well as teachers.

“He beat-boxes all the time in class, it’s really cool because they’re sounds that a human being can’t normally make,” Biology classmate Jorge Rodriguez said. “Even the teacher likes it!”

Unlike Vega, not everyone has the advantage of having a hobby that can be done anywhere from the stage to the classroom.

“What sets it apart from any other hobby is that it is pretty much something you can do where ever you go,” Vega said.

Beat-boxing proves that being a musician is not necessarily about playing an instrument; it is about creation. Without the use of typical instruments, Vega is making his name as a musician and is also bringing a new name to creation: J-FEX.