Video game releases of november


With the holidays already here, many video games are releasing just in time for Christmas. Video games such as Call of Duty: Black Ops and Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood; Xbox’s new Kinect game console along with many more are planned to do well during the holiday season.

Mercy Watkins

The month of November brought not only falling leaves and high winds but the newly released Call of Duty Black Ops and Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood which were advertised for months on end.

Black Ops is the seventh Call of Duty game to be released. It was put on shelves Nov. 9 and has already reached retail sales of over $650 billion dollars in its first month while Brotherhood has sold over 25 million copies in Europe alone.

Black Ops starts out with the main character Mason strapped to a chair being interrogated by spies, but he can’t remember anything that has happened. Throughout the game the player plays through his flashbacks alongside Mason, Woods, and Bowmen. Unlike the earlier Call of Duty games the player is allowed to edit their character with new clothes, shoes and weapons that enhances the playing experience. 11 Randell Milan, compares the campaign mode (story mode) more intense then the earlier Call of Duty games but believes that online multi-player mode is less advanced than that of its earlier counterparts.

“I find the new campaign mode of Black Ops a very intense experience because it takes you through the game and explains almost everything,” Milan said, “ While the campaign mode is more advanced, I find the online multi-player version very poor quality, the graphics of multi-player just can’t beat the past Call of Duty games.”

Assassins Creed Brotherhood was released on November 16th with retail sales of 4.1 million on its first day. With the pre-order of the game the customer receives an extra multi-player character but depending on the place pre-ordered from they may have received Harley-Quinn or a type of warrior. There have been three games released before Brotherhood.  Mauricio Bustamante is a long time fan of the game and believes the graphics of the new game are astonishing.

“I got the game on the first day it came out,” Bustamante said. ”I went home and played it for about 6 hours, the graphics on the game are amazing and really detailed even the multi-player mode is to die for.”

The creator of Assassin’s Creed, Ubisoft stated before the release of the second Assassin’s Creed that they could do as many as 35 games “without breaking a sweat.”  A new game is anticipated but not yet announced.  Black Ops prices range from, $59.99 to 149.99 depending on the edition the customer desires. With the pre-order of Black Ops the gamer received a free poster.

The games anticipated for next year are Portal2 by Valve Software, Gears of War 3 by Microsoft, Star Wars: The Old Republic by Electronic Arts and Dead Space 2 also by Electronic Arts. Remember to pre-order to get free merchandise with your games.