Portos: a small taste of cuban paradise

Julia Ruiz, Sports Editor

In addition to the Glendale and Burbank locations, Porto’s Bakery Café opened a new bakery in Downey, of the highly anticipated opening occurred Tuesday, Nov. 15. Hundreds of customers eagerly waited at the ribbon cutting ceremony to enjoy the many pastries Porto’s has to offer. Balloons and Cuban music filled the bakery, and special guests Andy Garcia and Tony Plana attended the grand opening.

The new Porto’s features state-of-the-art appliances, wood panel ceilings, pendant lighting, a meeting room on the second floor, and an out door patio. A spacious dining room, coffee bar, and modern appeal set an inviting mood for customers.

“I really like the architecture of the building,” junior Rosalinda Rodriguez said. “It looks really nice and inviting,”

With another Cuban bakery in town, Tropicana Bakery and Café has met its match. Although Tropicana offers a variety of cakes, pastries, and meals, it is hard to compete with a bakery as widely acclaimed as Porto’s. Tropicana’s loud and simple atmosphere has much with to compete against with Porto’s chic and sophisticated appearance.

“I’ve gone to both Tropicana and Porto’s bakery, and I personally enjoyed Porto’s more,” junior Gerardo Padilla said. “The food is good and the place looks nice too.”

Even though Tropicana has delicious goods, at times they fail to deliver high quality desserts. Porto’s stepped up to their name and provided delicious pastries, cakes, and Cuban delicacies in their new location.

“The pastries are really delicious. Their food is different than what I’m used to, but I really enjoyed them,” junior Yanel Arciga said. “I’m looking forward to going back there again.”

The new addition of Porto’s has brought in many of Downey’s residents and introduced them to a new dining experience. With a comfortable atmosphere and delicious food, Porto’s will quickly gain popularity throughout Downey residents.