A family gone indie: The Holy Child


From top left Carlos Sanchez, Robert Alacron, Fernando Sanchez, Jesse Montoya, Jo Alacron and Eric Ridely make up the band The Holy Child. The indie band, which was formed by three brothers, has similarities to The Beatles.

Anais Hinojosa

Setting out to stimulate audiences, 17-year-old junior Carlos Sanchez came together with his two brothers and along with three other talented musicians, they created The Holy Child. This family based indie band consists of Robert Alarcon on vocals and bass, Jesse Montoya on the guitar, Eric Ridley on the trumpet and bass, Jo Alarcon on the piano, Fernando Sanchez on the drums, and  Carlos Sanchez on the guitar and percussion.

Not only is most of the band literally family, but everyone has a strong, family-like relationship with one another.

“Sure, something can happen we can all scream at each other in the face, but by the end of it we’re just laughing together and being together,” Carlos Sanchez, the youngest member of the Holy Child family said. “It’s a family thing; a family band.”

Like several other indie bands, The Holy Child does not have a very modernized sound. Their music has a psychedelic feel to it and is more like something out of the sixties. In simpler terms, the sound of The Holy Child is similar to the legendary sound of the Beatles.

“I love the Beatles so I think it’s super cool that there’s a band out there that makes similar music which sounds pretty amazing,” junior Nicole Negrete said.

Like all bands do, The Holy Child has grown and progressed over time. Sanchez claims that after having started from something raw, they have been molding themselves into something that’s great. Not to mention the fact that thanks to over half the band members taking Choir and Music Theory, they have become more in tune with their rhythmic and creative side.

“I’ve always liked the band,” senior Stacey Paczynski said, “I like everyone in the band and the music is really good.”

The entire band only meets up about once a week for practice, but practices can also be spontaneous if there is a few band members around the house. As for shows, those are scheduled about once every other week. Unfortunately, the only remaining band member at Downey High can only play in the all ages or eighteen and over shows. Despite this inconvenience, Sanchez still takes joy in the perks of being part of the Holy Child Family.

“I feel great, actually, because I used to sit around and do nothing and now I’m learning an instrument,” Sanchez said. “ Once I saw the opportunity I took it and now I’m actually learning to play and I feel passionate.”

The band aspires to someday be able to open up their own label company and call it “The Forbidden Fruit Company.” At