James Murphy’s Masterpiece

Thomas Beltran

After working cooped up in his Hollywood home for months and months, James Murphy has finally released the highly anticipated 3rd LCD Soundsystem album: “This is Happening,” on May 17th. James Murphy along with his multi-talented band have always created music that is unlike any other band, even groups that try to recreate music like LCD’s.
“Their music, as I can describe it, is noises upon noises, synthesizers with an amazing backup band and an amazing singer,” junior Marcos Muro said, “It’s like disco gone 2010.”
LCD headlined the recent Coachella music festival, to test out some of their new songs such as “Dance Yrself Clean,” the opening song of the album. After three minutes and ten seconds of goose bumps in suspense for the breakdown, the sense of exciting synthesizers and irrational drumming start to play, which throws your body in a dance faze.
“I wish I was as creative and talented as him,” senior Hassan Warren “he seems like a really fun person to work with.”
The euphoric sounds of perfectly synced synthesizers, bass, guitars, drums, and lyrics seem to become embedded in your head, but it is when you get to the fifth track of this album that you see the true beauty of the album though “You Wanted a Hit”
“His music sounds even better this time around,” senior Phill Plong said.
As the last track of “This is Happening” comes on and the realization of spending an hour and five minutes listening to an album that will be in your favorite section for at least that day, you will hear the closing, the grand finale and the point where you will find complete comfort in a song that you just met: “Home.” As “Home” starts off with organized keyboards and pop percussion it goes into a transition that has upbeat drumming coexisting with a solemn verse and the calm voice of James Murphy. This outro for LCD Soundsytem’s last album is what really sets them apart from other bands and shows the true essence of their outré music. “This is Happening” will win you over.