Dancing with a passion

Amanda Garcia

As members of ROP Dance, and Dance Team slipped on their costumes and made sure their hair and makeup was perfect, family, friends and faculty members headed over to the Downey Theater to watch the annual Dance Review on May 5, 2010.

As soon as the curtain rose, the dance team performed a hip-hop routine that blew the audience away. Hitting every move and staying consistent with the beat, this performance was a show starter that got the audience wanting more.

The Dance Review consisted of 29 dances, with varied dance genres such as: tap, hip-hop, ballet, African, lyrical, jazz, salsa and belly dancing.

For dance team member Sharlene Guzman dancing has been a part of her high school life for 4 years now and she uses it as a way to express her self as well as entertain. The Dance Review was a perfect way to showcase her hard work through out the entire year.

“Dancing it’s a way to express my self and connect to people,” Guzman said. “You can touch people with just dancing, its universal.”

As for 1st year dance team member Andrea Delgado, she uses dance as a outlet and felt that all the night practices and countless hours of preparation was so worth it in the end. Delgado participated in a total of 13 performances throughout the entire review, including a solo.

“I believe that you have to show people what you’ve got and feel every move you make,” Delgado said.

For many members of the dance team and ROP dancers Mrs. Patterson is an inspiration.

“She is amazing at everything she does; she deserves major credit for organizing everything that needed to be done for the Dance Review and also performing in it,” Laureen Perri said. “she’s an inspiration.”

With all of the hectic costume and hair change and the stress of the first time back-to-back performances, the members of the dance team preformed their heart out without a failure, and in the end both Dance Review performances were huge successes.