Artist of the Month: Writing a future

Thomas Beltran

With the intellectual elegance of a well known author, senior Aura Oropeza-Tellez has not only a passion for writing but the talent of an up and coming author. This artist is acknowledged for her stories and uncommon style of writing that excels far beyond common students. Not only are the themes of her stories conflicted but they are also socially controversial in her short story works.
“[They are] conflicted stories with misconceived solutions. They’re not really realistic but kind of are like dreams,” Oropeza-Tellez said. “Many of my stories I dream them first and then write them.”
Oropeza-Tellez’s stories often conjure a blend of complexion and a great sense of imagery. With every work of art there is often both positive and negative criticism.
“Aura’s stories produce confusion, happiness, and a strange sense of being content the last line,” junior Joben Penuliar says. “Her stories produce a ‘what is she trying to say’ mood.”
Alongside of critics in the student body, Oropeza-Tellez also engenders positive responses from the staff.
“It is often easy to feel cynicism creep in while reading student work; reading her work makes me feel optimistic.” English teacher Zachary Zakour stated, “Reading her work, it is apparent that she reads a lot. The nuances of her work set her apart from many of her peers.”
Being an artist does not just involve drawing something or playing something, but it involves being creative and using natural tools to make people see a side personal that is not always exposed. Senior Aura Oropeza-Tellez continues to make herself and people around her aware of the talent she has.