Actletic courage

Larissa Hernandez

Dimmed lights, eight chairs, and witty actletes filled the stage as the team went against Irvine at the first Comedy Sportz game of the season in the school’s new theatre on March 3rd. This month’s first CSz game introduced players David Apodaca, Bryce Calliwag, Pricila Lopez, Alex Gallardo, Giovanni Oviedo, Jeanetter Niato, and Kaylana Vithoulkas. The game opened with the Forward Reverse skit as four team members had to create a scene as the referee shouted “Forward” or, “Reverse,” as they were obliged to go along with the orders.
“In Forward Reverse one comedian was forced to do about 30 push-ups in order to get the point. He must have been sore in the morning,” Evans said.
Another crowd favorite was the Dating Game; the skit included Irvine’s actletes showing off their mimicking skills. Irvine’s team had to impersonate pop culture icon Lady GaGa, President George Washington, and character Woody from Toy Story. The point of the skit was to have the team members emulate the audience-appointed character and have one of their teammates guess who they were impersonating.
“The teammate from Irvine did a really good impersonation of Woody; it was a bit scary how he was able to act like a doll so well,” Vega said.
One round that was able to get the audience involved was the Good, Bad, Worse skit. Actlete Apodaca led his other three teammates into a talk-show setting where he allowed the audience to ask questions in return for advice. Gallardo took the role of Good, Lopez was Bad, and Calliwag was Worse.
“See what you have to do is get a yo-yo,” Calliwag said.
Calliwag related all of his advice on yo-yos or on yo-yo competitions; his advice led the audience into laughter and applause.
Though the team faced a loss of 30-36, the team adviser, Sylvie, emphasized the CSz motto.
“Playing to grin, not to win,” said Sylvie.
CSz will be expecting to have more games for the rest of the year and hopes to gain victories as well.