Catching the light

Mercy Watkins

When Carlos Ontiveros arrived into Ms. Cordova’s class his freshman year, he entered a world he had never viewed before, since then he has opened his eyes to the world of photography and is now known as one of the most talented photographers at Downey High.
“He is always willing to learn more,” Cardova said.
His specialties are sports and landscapes. In his spare time Ontiveros studies photography; he looks at work posted by other photographers on the internet and in books. What he sees with his eyes can be easily mastered when he puts his mind to it.
“I like to learn by looking at other people’s work then making it into my own style,” Ontiveros said.
Ontiveros is also the yearbook Co-Photo Editor. Anything he learns in his spare time affects the people in the school. Ontiveros shares his ideas with Samuel Rodriguez, the yearbook Photo- Editor. Rodriguez has worked with Ontiveros throughout the year and believes that Ontiveros can go far in the photography world.
“He works well with others,” Rodriguez said “I believe that’s a good trait for any photographer.”
Without communication, it would make it harder for the photographer to get any information on their subject. Ontiveros recently photographed pictures for the Downey High website. Ontiveros hopes to seek a career in photography for companies like “Sports Illustrated” or “National Geographic”. It will be hard work but for Ontiveros it will be a job worthwhile.