Pin-Up with a twist

Larissa Hernandez

The underground art of Pin-Up photography is arising on the web thanks to junior, Katie Torres, who started a website that displays her own photography of pin-up modeling. Pin-Up is a type of art that is expressed through a camera or paint brush and glorifies a glamorous female model. This type of art form has been documented since the 1890s, but lost some popularity by the 1960s.

Torres is inspired by the wardrobe, make-up, and panache that come along with the tradition of pin-up. Feeding off tradition, Torres keeps the nostalgia by only using antique cameras.

“I feel more connected when using these cameras,” says Torres. Aside from using the vintage Minolta Automatic cameras, she also develops her own photos where she feels professional, and above all, original.

Adding to the title of photographer, Torres plays the role into casting the models for her shoot. She reaches for the more full-figured ladies with curves.

Senior Ashley Montoya, and Torres’ debut model, strongly agrees with the requirements.

“Ladies that have meat on them and curves, those are models,” says Montoya.

This 17 year-old finds it, “great” that Torres is bringing back this type of photography.

“It makes people remember how nice things were back then,” said Montoya.

Aside from the nostalgic appeal, first-time model Montoya discovers a deeper meaning.

“It’s not just pretty pictures, it’s more,” says Montoya. She believes that pin-up pictures will change the outlook and opinions of a lot of real girls who think that being thin is, “the way to go.”

“No sticks,” Torres adds. Her muses include pop culture icons such as Lucille Ball, Bettie Page, and Marilyn Monroe.

To Torres, this is no hobby; this is a career she hopes to pursue as she gets older. She debuted her website on Saturday, November 28th entitled Kitty’s Kinky Pin-Ups in a retro nostalgic font. Now that all has gone as planned, she has hopes of opening up her own studio in the near future. This aspiring photographer has big dreams and a positive outlook. She hopes to have her own studio, calendars, posters, clothing line and make-up line all inspired by pin-up.

Though Torres has had no formal training in photography, she prefers to learn from her own mistakes.

“If I think it’s good, I know,” said a confident Torres who knows she is a natural  photographer.  Aside from having a good eye, she is independent while trying to perfect this craft.

“I don’t like people telling me what’s good or what to do,” said Torres.

Judging her personality, goals, and feats, this 16 year-old has a lot of success coming her way.

Katie Torres’ Pin-Up inspired photography can be found on MySpace, entitled: Kitty’s Kinky Pinups