Flyleaf is rising

Marlenn Orozco

The American alternative rock/Christian band called Flyleaf released its second album called Memento Mori since Debut in 2005. This release took place on Tuesday, November 10 and is now available in most music stores. Memento Mori is Latin for “Be mindful of death.” The album itself caries 14 songs, most of which have been written and published a few years back. The selection of this tracks where made by the band, which includes lead vocals Lacey Mosley, guitar, Sameer Bhattacharya, also guitar, Jared Hartmann, bass, Pat Seals, and drummer James Culpepper.

The included songs for the album includes a few of the popular songs such as “Beautiful bride”, “Again”, and “Tiny heart.”  Flyleaf has also released a video for the new single of Lacey Mosley called “Again” making this song the most popular song for the album.

If you get the extended version you will be able to listen to extra songs such as “break you knees”, “Enemy”, “Have we lost”, “Who am I”, “Uncle Bobby”, and “Stay”

“I started to listen to the band about two years ago,” said senior Amber Gonzales, “ I like the way the band comes together. Lacey Mosley is the best when it comes to screaming.”