To infinity and beyond!

Mayling Paredes

Critics have given an “A” to Toy Story for this 1995 film that also came back with Toy Story 2 in 3-D in selected theatres starting Oct. 2. For a limited time of two weeks, Toy Story came back to entertain many fans of this memorable Disney movie.

Many Downey High students couldn’t wait for Toy Story and Toy Story 2 in 3-D to come out. Plans were made for this day, and people were anxious to see this 3-D version. Whether it’s spending time with friends or bonding with classmates, these Disney movies are the right choices for that.

“I just felt I was reminiscing the good times of my childhood,” senior Andrea Ortiz said about the movies.

Ortiz planned the idea of getting Yearbook classmates together to go see this three dimensional movie. Ortiz said she felt like it was a good time to do some bonding with her classmates. Yearbook members from this year and last year went to go see Toy Story and Toy Story 2 with a total of 30 staff members at El Capitan Theatre.

In Toy Story, Woody (Tom Hanks) and Buzz Light-year (Tim Allen) were once again remembered by the audience through their adventure of trying to get back to Woody and Buzz’s owner Andy and the meaning of one friend being there for each other.

Some favorite parts were “remembering when Woody and Buzz meet the toy aliens and when they fear ‘the claw,” said senior Claudia Camarena.

Most scenes that were favorites when most Viking students were little are still favorites today. A lot of movie watchers felt excited when they saw their favorite part of the movie and knowing that this time it was in 3-D.

In Toy Story 2, Woody finds out who he really is and meets his close friends Jesse (Joan Cusack) and Stinky Pete the Prospector (Kelsey Grammer).

“I like when Buzz meets Zurg and he thinks everything is real,” senior Michael Pasmant said.

Some people know one or even both of these movies word-by-word, and they like the fact that the Toy Story movies were brought back to entertain many people and given the idea of showing these dynamic motion pictures in a three-dimensional form.

Toy Story: 3-D returned to theatres to entertain movie watchers that haven’t seen the film and the ones who had seen it but with the difference of making it in a third dimension.  Due to this 3-D event, it’s probably possible to bring back most of the very well known Disney movies of all time. A large amount of movie watchers cannot wait for the Toy Story 3 movie to come out on June 18, 2010. We’ll have to wait and see for the new adventures of Woody and Buzz Light- year.