‘Brand New Eyes’- Paramore Review

Thomas Beltran

Paramore’s new album, Brand New Eyes still has the same pop-emo feel the band had before, but now it seems that their lyrics have a sense of maturity. With their third album, it is often said to be the turning point of a band’s style and the writing of their lyrics. The band didn’t aim to write songs that their fans would sing along to, but it is as if the lyrics came from the depths of the heart of the singer and bandleader, Hayley Williams.

“The acoustics and rhythm seem the same, but the lyrics actually mean something now,” said junior Kevin Fernandez.

You can see the change from the harmonious verses of the last album “RIOT!” to the aggressive feel such as “next time you point a finger, I might have to bend it back and break it off” from the song “Playing God.” Even though their “sing-along” verses have somewhat vanished, Paramore still did not forget about their dedicated fans. “Where the lines overlap, no one is as lucky as us” from the song “Where the Lines Overlap” was created to thank all the fans who have given Paramore’s sudden stardom. With this album, their stardom still continues to expand beyond the horizon to listeners everywhere.