Daring “look at me” fashion

Ethelyn Martiz

For sophomore Maria Quintero, fashion isn’t simply what you wear- it’s a way of life. This young trendsetter’s bold, out-there fashions scream for attention and allow her to express her creativity through clothing. She dares to be different and is not afraid of what others may think or say about her fashion sense.

“I see her at school, and her unique style makes her stand out,” said senior Nicole Vasconez.

Quintero is definitely not one to get lost in the crowd, for  she meticulously chooses her outfits to channel inspirational style icons such  as Eddie Sedgwick, Grace Jones, and Lady Gaga, just to name a few. She also looks to the runways of designers Alexander McQueen and Jeremy Scott to get ideas on how to piece together her outfits.

Quintero’s risky 80s glamour-inspired style is not easy to achieve and calls for a different take on shopping.

“I go to thrift stores and stay away from malls,” said Quintero. “I like going to Mexican thrift stores. They’re cheap.”

She goes to thrift stores and hunts for garments that stand out to her and embody her style. This is not only cheaper but also reassures that you have an item of clothing that someone else may not have. She wears everything from sequence to lace and is always on the lookout for cool, unusual accessories.

Quintero plays dress up every morning and has a fun time doing so. This eccentric teen and fashion devotee takes self-assurance to a whole new level by wearing her risky (some may even say crazy) attire to school with confidence.